Professional Solution for Sale and Shop Management

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    Fit all your Management Needs

    We help analyze, shape and transform business models
    Our consulting services include project management
    Manage your workflow and tasks successfully

    Small Shop

    Check out and track sale report on the phone

    Shop Chain

    Satisfy requirements of outlets or franchise chain

    Medium and Large Shop

    Manage all businesses from Sale to Purchase, Storehouse, Debt, Staff, Customer, etc

    Multi-Channel Sale Management Omni-Channel

    Connect all sale channels from the shop to social network, ecommerce platform, etc

    More than 40 reports on sales, costs, profit/loss, inventory, etc

    Instantly check inventory by color, size for the whole chain right on the phone

    Easily coordinate the sale of the whole chain right on the phone

    Automatically apply promotion and calculate total payment right after scanning the bar code

    Integrate with e-payment method like MOMO, Viettel Pay

    Quickly send notification on promotion, birthday wish to the customer

    Easily exchange data with the accounting software and issue e-invoice right on MShopKeeper

    Why Choose MShopKeeper?

    Offers full features

    Manage comprehensively sale in the shop and the whole chain

    Smart Functions for you

    Make a payment right on the smartphone.
    Manage e-membership cards

    Apply Technology 4.0

    Artificial Intelligent (AI), Cloud – Mobile, use it well even if there is no internet connection

    State-of-the-Art App

    International standard IOS 9000 – CMMi 3

    Quick and Easy Implementation

    Start selling right after 5 minutes of installation

    Budget Friendly

    Unlimited users for a reasonable price

    The system manages membership cards and adds points electronically

    Help the shop: Attract more customers – Increase sales.
    Help the members: Instantly receive gift codes, check bills, and earned points right on the phone.


    Multi-channel sale management

    Automatically update all changes on the inventory, selling price of items on all sale channels
    Manage all shipping orders in one centrel place and automatically update shipping status from the shipper
    Automatically summarize and analyze sale report for each sale channel and the whole chain

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